Snow Jewel Design

20-year Veteran Senior Full Stack / Frontend Developer

What I Do

Full stack development, specializing in JS frontends and Ruby/Rails backends

Highly experienced in using all this stuff: Vanilla JS, Vue, React, React-Native, Ruby, Rails, GraphQL, Mongo, Postgres, Docker, and still some Photoshop and Illustrator.

Best skill: Learning new frameworks as fast as the come out.


People I like and work with

I'm an independent freelancer, I but enjoy working with other teams of people. These are some of the folks I team up with from time to time.


About Me

As a native of Nederland, Colorado, Luke has a passion for the mountains, the snow and fresh air. He always prefers a hat and down jacket to shorts and flip-flops and gets a bit giddy when the minus sign appears in front of the temperature gauge.

In the first "dot com" boom of the late 90's, Luke managed to ride the wave and survive the crash that followed. He continued to build his skills, and continued looking for the future in the internet. Now, specializing in full-stack development, frontend scripting and user interaction, he's seen a lot of what works and what doesn't. Using a common-sense approach to making websites easier to use and understand.

Luke lives in Boulder, Colorado with his amazing wife and son. They spend time every year traveling around the world - usually in the not-your-typical-vacation-spot locations like India, Guatemala, Vietnam or Tibet.